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Aerial Drone Survey Group is a subsidiary of Day Group Inc, a leader in the survey industry for more than 25 years in Sudbury, Ontario. We specialize in low altitude, high definition aerial drone survey, mapping, inspection and imaging services, including aerial photography and aerial videography.

Our Aerial Drone Survey Group is Transport Canada certified and approved. We hold a Standing Special Flight Operation Certificate (flight permit) and full UAV liability insurance that allows us to fly, on short notice.

Our drone teams take designs from paper to field and back to paper, or digital files for a field to finish service. Our aerial data collection equips your company with survey-grade accurate and flexible data to assist with important decisions.

Delivers Survey-Grade Accuracy in Hours not Days


Our Aerial Drone Survey pilots are certified and insured. They have logged hundreds of hours operating survey drones (Unmanned Aerial Drones). Our Drone teams fly complex and precise flight paths for Construction, Mining, Agriculture & Aggregate industries. They produce unique and accurate aerial imagery while gathering critical survey-grade data for up to 80% less cost than traditional survey methods.

Our certified drone pilots are knowledgeable about the conditions that are best suited for aerial surveying and imaging and we provide you remarkable flexible data solutions.

As a safety-first drone company, it’s important to us that we not only are insured well beyond Transport Canada’s requirements, but also that we train and certify our pilots and operators on best practices.

We adhere to strict regulations related to safety, including carrying the proper insurance policies and Transport Canada compliancy documentation to ensure the safest operations possible.

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Increase Efficiency While Reducing Costs

Transport Canada Approved

Transport Canada Approved Aerial Drones

The Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) is the certificate issued by Transport Canada that is necessary to obtain in order to fly a remotely piloted aircraft for commercial purposes. To apply for the SFOC a company must liability insurance, certified pilots and complete comprehensive set of and emergency plan requirements to get approval.

To protect yourself and your company, it is important to ask your company to verify that they have Transport Canada certification, and approval and they have submitted their flight plan prior to launch.

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Survey-Grade Accuracy • Flexible Data Collection