Case Studies

Local Ski Hill – The Aerial Drone Survey Group was hired by the Municipality of Greater Sudbury to conduct an aerial survey of a local ski hill. The area was large and the terrain was steep and challenging to traverse safely on foot. The UAV survey produced an updated, high quality aerial orthomosaic photo of the hill, a 3d PDF image of the hill and a complete topographic survey of the hill. The City then had the ability to use this information to include it with their tender packages for a new ski lift install on the hill. This in turn saved potential bidders (and ultimately the City) the costs to travel long distances to visit the site to see the job.

Pond Survey – A local mining company utilized the Aerial Survey Group to conduct a drone flight over a large holding pond that they had temporarily drained. This gave the mining client a complete topographic model of the bottom of the pond so that they could calculate the volume of sludge accumulated in the pond and the remaining holding capacity of the pond. This type of survey would not have been possible using traditional ground methods as the area was too large and too soft to approach on foot.

Tailings Deposition Area – A local mining company utilized Aerial Drone Survey Group crew to conduct a drone flight over a large tailings deposition area. A complete survey of this area was not possible without the drone survey solution as it was too large and too soft to conduct a survey on foot. The client not only received updated topographical information, but they also had an up dated aerial photo of the area for planning purposes.

Volumetric Surveys – Numerous mining and aggregate companies including Day Construction rely heavily on survey data to determine the volume of stock piles. However, traditional surveys are very dangerous and time consuming by having to place someone on the pile on foot exposing them to steep, unstable slopes. These companies have realized that the drone survey method is much safer, accurate and quicker.

Drone Survey Customers

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