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Aerial Drone (UAV) Equipment

Our Drone Squad consists of 2 quadcoptors with 4K HD video and HD photography, and a fixed wing, long endurance UAV for larger mapping and surveying projects.

Our Aerial Drone Equipment captures high resolution RGB still images along with high definition and thermal video imagery. From an aerial perspective, we safely capture precise, survey-grade data from areas that are difficult to access, challenging to view, and unsafe to approach.

Aerial Survey Drones eliminates risk, maximize safety and require no downtime for location changes like traditional survey instruments.

Our drones are discrete and environmentally-friendly offering no interruption to business operations or wildlife.

Aerial photography combined with GPS tracking is used to quickly and effectively a full and accurate elevation model of any target area. The data can be exported and displayed in any surveying or mapping type format and is easily imported into CAD and GIS programs. The individual photos are combined to create a 1 large seamless photo, 3-dimensional PDF models and updated Google Earth files can also be produced for viewing.

Flight Pattern-Aerial Drones

The drone units are fully GPS controlled and flown inside the outlined area submitted in the pre-mission set up by computer.

Elevation- Aerial Drones

The Aerial Drone units are usually flown at an elevation of 300- 400 feet above ground level – well above any obstacles such as power lines and head frames.

Landing-Aerial Drones

The Drones have a landing speed of approximately 2 – 17 knots, straight or in a circular landing option. The unit lands on its belly (fixed wing) – no runway is required. The quadcopter units can be launched and landed vertically in small confined areas. The drones are programmed to land within inches of the takeoff site or manually landed at any time in virtually any area.

Accuracy-Aerial Drones

Aerial Drone survey and mapping offers survey-grade data accuracy within 1 cm.

Endurance – Aerial Drones

These Drones are wind-tolerant and can operate in temperatures from 40 Degrees C to -10 Degrees C. The Drones extended range can process 3 km^2 in one survey session and their solid battery life allows for each drone to operate up to 30 minutes in one flight before a battery change to resume the mission.

Redundancy-Aerial Drones

Each Drone unit has a redundant back up system should the controller fail, information is relayed in real time and can be viewed on-site or remotely.

Pre-Flight Submission Plan- Aerial Drones

All Drone units and their pilots are fully certified and insured and flown under a Special Flight Operation Certificate issued by Transport Canada.


The light-weight electrically powered Drones are non-invasive, quiet and discrete. They resemble birds flying so there is little disruption to wildlife.

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