Drones have dramatically cut the investment costs for the industrial and utility sectors and maximized human safety, reduced man hours and eliminated risk associated with the traditional survey methods.

Aerial Survey Drones help Mining Management & Engineers make fast informed decisions about their Mining assets safely and without any disruption in operations or having to access unsafe or inaccessible terrain. Drones allow mines to quickly go from field capture to usable data for optimization in hours instead of days.

Mining companies like Vale, Glencore, KGMH, are applying UAVs to solve challenges in the industry: better blast optimization, improved safety, faster surveying, and construction of the most comprehensive and continuous project datasets. Whether it’s for blast fragmentation, stockpile volumes, or any other mine-related activity, data can be captured quickly and safely.

UAV aerial photography and remote sensing allow us to capture all that information without putting someone in harm’s way. The Aerial Drone’s ability to hover and take photos at any angle make it ideally suited to stockpile and muck pile monitoring and analysis, plus rock mass characterization, and plant, equipment and highwall inspections. It turns large data sets into topographic surfaces, tunnels, drifts and stopes, and any other solids and surfaces available all done at the fraction of the cost and time of traditional survey methods.

Drone Survey Customers

Survey-Grade Accuracy • Flexible Data Collection