UAV Survey Drones have revolutionized imagery and data analysis in the industrial and utilities industries. They offer a powerful low-cost tool to make business processes more efficient and cost-effective.

The aerial imagery collected by drones can be used to perform long-range aerial inspections of energy infrastructures, surveying to monitor industrial and utility assets such as inspecting wind turbines, monitoring power lines, or inspecting oil and gas pipelines that can run for thousands of miles. Drones can survey malfunctioning solar panels, look for cracks in water towers, a communications tower and much more.

Aerial Drones can transmit pictures and information that can facilitate working on solutions more quickly. Improved efficiency, speed, safety and cost from the design, pre-construction and development stages through to commissioning and ongoing maintenance can result when Drones are used.

Drone Survey Customers

Survey-Grade Accuracy • Flexible Data Collection